• Mrs H Heneghan – PT (Subject)

Business Education

Aims of the Department

  • knowledge and understanding of the working of the modern industrialised society in which they live;
  • skills in the use of information technology;
  • sklls and techniques in handling information;
  • investigation, problem solving and decision-making skills;
  • ability to apply knowledge and understanding and skills in a range of relevant situations;
  • self-assurance and confidence, initiative, an orderly and systematic approach to work, and an ability to carry out instructions and to co-operate with others.

The development and knowledge and understanding and skills should provide a sound foundation on which future study and training can be built.

The Business Education Department seeks to develop knowledge and understanding skills through all courses.

The courses should cater for the general education, vocational and academic needs of the range of pupils at Queen Anne High School. Within the range of courses offered, provision is made for the needs and abilities of all pupils with each pupil being encouraged to perform to their maximum potential.

The Business Education Department contributes to wider aspects of education within the school by acting as a resource and service department to all staff and pupils by actively co-operating with other departments.

The use of information technology is of increasing importance within education, the world of work and range of leisure pursuits. Information technology is an important aspect of most of the courses offered in the department. The equipment used and the procedures taught in the department should be similar to what is found in businesses.

Departmental policy is to make pupils familiar with up-to-date technology and to give them hands-on experience in using technology. Regular hands-on experience is of vital importance if pupils are to have a real understanding of the use of information technology and the role it will play in their future lives.

Technology is not limited to computers and software application packages but includes the range of equipment for accessing, processing and transmitting information



Business Education – Courses

The Courses currently offered in the Business Education Department are:

  • Higher Administration
  • Higher Accounting
  • Higher Business Management

Differentiation Within Business Education Courses

As pupils will have different rates of progress and prior learning, courses will attempt to offer levels of progress which recognise each pupils individual needs.

Each pupil will:

  • study different topics, or
  • study the same topics but at different rates, or
  • experience material at different levels of difficulty.

These will be effected by the following:

  • the difference between pupils at entry point may be different
  • differentiation may involve offering different kinds or levels of learning
  • there will be different levels of attainment which a teacher will have to respond to.








Business Education – Homework Policy

  • To allow pupils to improve upon items covered in classwork. Pupils may need to gain greater understanding of topics covered, become familiar with concepts, or need practice with layouts etc.
  • To give teachers the opportunity to observe and assess pupils in relation to course work, follow up work or remedial help
  • To encourage pupils to accept the need to organise learning and study outside the classroom
  • To give parents the opportunity to observe their son or daughters progress in a subject.

Types Of Homework

Homework can take several forms but should reflect the type of materials used in a course and the stage reached in the course.

Homework may take the following forms:

  • Formal written work
  • Completion of Classwork
  • Reporting/Investigating
  • Preparation for Class Assessment
  • Multiple Choice – Data Response Questions
  • Use of appropriate Exam Papers
  • Individual work for pupils

Homework – Teacher’s Role

Core homework will be marked and where appropriate comments made to help pupils. If further work is needed a teacher will also make arrangements for this.

Teachers must be willing to explain the purpose of all homework given out and accept comments from pupils in relation to homework given.

If homework is not completed the class teacher should follow the procedure given in the staff handbook.

Homework Monitoring Policy

Based on the homework policy outlined above all members of the department will record all homework given out in their Teachers Planner.

The results of the homework undertaken and proof of homework will be available to the Principal Teacher who will undertake a review on a regular basis (one per term per subject).